Warrington Youth Club Young Girls' Group (2016)

In the past, museums would invite honorary curators to select artefacts for exhibitions and displays. Warrington Museum & Art Gallery has revived this custom and selected groups of honorary curators to help create projects that show the rich potential of the museum’s collections to tell stories and make people think. 

On display here a selection of objects chosen by 17 members of the Warrington Youth Club Girls’ Group. 
The group chose four themes for the display: standing up for yourself, women in history, mental health and relationships. 

The group were given unique access to the ‘behind the scenes’ areas of the museum. As a result they have learned a great deal about how their local museum works and they have created a display that that shows the rich potential of the museum’s collections. This project represents 17 young people’s voices and shows us their interests, enthusiasms and determination to say something new. It is hoped that this will encourage visitors to think about Warrington, its people and how they are connected to their museum.