Photograph of my husband Bill Lloyd as I will always remember him

Smiling blue eyes
stationary pose
arm extended, light
blue casual trousers, topped
white polo shirt
sun is shining, ocean wave sparkling, bow wave crashing
an overall honesty
friendliness, happiness exudes from his whole being
a colour photo set in time
with pristine clarity 

Rings Room 1 ethnology finger and toe rings

In rings – how you feel while caring
It's reminiscent of a wheel, you never get off
a sign of devotion, trust and
symbol of love.
All the things you would do for a child
rather than being back in the pram they're in
a wheelchair, return to childhood
back in the circle
difficult to accept care – irritation
because it means you can't cope and that's a failure.
Finding a few moments to get your head together
no end to the task, no breaks
care is frustration.

ARP Poem

Recall stories
not objects.
Never knew my grandparents
the story of a house she lived in
Grandma decorating on a Sunday
as she came down the ladder she slipped
knocked the gas mantle put her foot in
bucket of wallpaper paste, hilarity.
A force to be reckoned with

My mum an ARP warden four foot ten
got volunteered by her mother
to get her out and about during the war
she was only tiny.
Took size 2 and a half shoes
tripping over the coat and wellingtons
in men's size 9s
shuffling along in the big wellies.

Shoes and handbags for my niece.
She was rummaging in my house,
kept coming out with pairs of shoes.
Her in my high heels trying to walk
slothering along,
handbags as big as her
between two and three years old
a blonde-haired youngster
with a huge smile in 3 and a half inch heels