Head of LohanHead of Lohan

Shadows hide his true inner self
Dark questioning
Harold happy, cheeky
Full of light life
He works hard at abstinence
Missing the lighter side
(would like to sew his oats!)
Light hits the furrows of his brow
Has a lot to give but remains true to his faith
Waiting to reach enlightenment
Through adversity and mocking, following Buddha
He toils
Loves a good joke
Spreading warmth. Happiness
In the shadows he climbs towards the light he follows
Climbing the steps to
Nirvana relishing the journey


Love them as they are,
think about them as a whole person.
Woman holding a friend
Help her to feel safe and secure
for me it's touch, so, so important
Hand on forehead, hand on shoulder
touch her cheek or stroke her hair
kissing cares away
Arms holding
an ivory statue, an all-in-one embrace
keeping her from harm
If you love someone
that caring aspect
is an easy choice:
love them as they are