Rocking Chair

Almost totally blind
Rocking chair
Round about 7 she'd send us
To the pub for a pint of stout
Pewter tankard ready and a red poker
Drink it hot, takes the alcohol out
Glasses down her nose, newspaper to her face
She’d be content
See her now, the beer foaming over

Label for son John

Jon (my son)

First observed
Being born – he was leaving the womb.

Lived with my wife and I for 32 years. Semi-detached home with garden. Garden with nesting boxes and bird tables.

Significant incident
Mental incident at 24
Became depressed – then pulled out of it and became innovative.

Other information.
Left house at 2 am one morning, felt he was in a bubble. Walked from Warrington to Stretton. Eventually realised he wasn’t in a bubble anymore and found his way home. His mind travels to places we don’t know.