A picture of Lol

Frozen. Almost a statue posing so as to get a perfect picture. Wants to please. A smile, bright eyes looking straight at you, dressed in her lounging gear of vest and PJs and a big flower in her hair. Sat in the nest, a chair by the window perfectly placed to people-watch. Sun casting a shadow across her face time to make a brew, one of many to pass the hours. The kettle clicks, the chatter stops. Someone gets up to pour the tea; a tropical vest, purple flower and pink hair. A brand-new snap full of colour and sunshine.

Egyptian coffin

The people surrounding Never forget you Wrap them around you Care – you can't say what it is. It's A living thing. Sometimes you achieve it, sometimes fail can be rewarding – it's reality I escape for a few minutes grateful for small things family and friends are important wrap them around you to protect you.

My Daughter she likes making…

All the knitting needles
the balls of wool, all my life she
knitted and crocheted
(there's probably more repair than sock left)
and now my son does too.
I think it’s his guilty secret…

Me dad
raced pigeons.
I had the rings, bits and bobs the tin
that he kept the food in.
1913-14 he was born
it'd be rubbish to anyone else.

My daughter,
she likes making things out of wool and buttons
does it all with her fingers
like a spider in the corner weaving away.
If she's upset it calms her
a one-off that nobody else could do…
come out of her head
a christening robe she made, passing the memory.

When I think of it, I think of holding a
little hand.