ironMy Gran

A house with black leaded grate
fire heated the oven
boiled the kettle
The old iron
spit on it to make sure it was hot
on a scrubbed table three irons going
Around scrubbed table
bleached wood, an old sheet on it
burnt iron marks, the smell

Photograph of my mum as she is nowPhotograph of my mum as she is now

Getting on feet
Balance unsure
Grimace – unsteady
Summer t-shirt and pleated skirt
In the lounge at home
Kitchen area to the back
TV very loud, probably a games show
“I'll have to take my time! I'm very slow.”
This photograph is new, crisp, clear
Shades of brown, beige, shades of blue
Just off the printer
“I'll have to take my time! I'm very slow.”
Photograph of my mum as she is now
At 95 years of age

Sue LabelSue Label


NAME: Sue, the person I tell things to.

FIRST OBSERVED. At school on first day Nervous and petrified.

HABITAT. Classroom (Large H.E. room with all cookery equipment. OVERWHELMING. She took me under her wing.

SIGNIFICANT INCIDENT, Stayed friends after school - met each week. Socialised, met boys. Was bridesmaid and godmother to her daughter. STILL BEST FRIENDS after 54 years.

OTHER INFORMATION. Sue is very KIND + UNDERSTANDING more like a sister than a friend. Very important person in my life.